Cultaral Exchange India Pakistan

Cultural Exchange India-Pakistan
Shekhar Shandilya
Exchange is negotiated between two entities having equal or almost equivalent values. We have five thousand years old traditions of music dance epic literature and architecture. The distinguishing feature of Pakistan is negation of Indian heritage, forbidding dance ,music, epic poetry and many other wings of human activities .Pakistan-inspired Kashmiri Mullahs threatened, and blocked musical performance by a group of girls.
Again ,exchange can occur in two diverse cultures within the boundary of civilized nations .The well known cultural exhibition of Pakistan is barbarism, slaughter, honour- killing and murder of 15 % of their population (more than 3 crore) Hindus.
In Mumbai cine industry cultural exchange may be a ploy to hide the real intention of employing Pakistani artists, which forms a conduit of transferring black money
.In Pakistan money paid by India to these performers is used in anti-India activities , either willingly or extortion or government taxation.
.One can visualize that better finances result in celebration of Eid by slaughtering bigger cows or killing massive bulls
In fact cultural exchange with Pakistan is codespeak of import of communal ideology
How could a secular nation encourage and collaborate with another state whose very existence is based on communalism ?
It is beyond logic why Pakistani artists should be imported in India. Almost continuously T V channels are holding competitions for music acting and singing.
If we consider professional angle then a large number of young boys and girls are exhibiting excellent performing qualities.
It is expected that our patriotic producers will come forward to provide opportunity to these young citizens.
The producers engaging Pakistani nationals are depriving our budding artists right to earn livelihood and they are also snatching away legitimate employment opportunities from our youngsters who, given opportunity, could blossom into superb artists

This is definitely an anti-people activity, in this poor nation.
Wealth of this nation is not meant for distribution among terrorists
There is no basis for cultural exchange between India and Pakistan because the latter simply imitates our culture. In fact ,there are better Gazal singers here than in Pakistan.
It is inappropriate to call it a cultural exchange as they bring a faded version of Indian culture.

Autonomy for universities-JNU

Autonomy for Universities.

Shekhar Shandilya.

(1)   Universities are granted autonomy to plan and devise their own syllabus.

(2) They have power to start self financing courses.

(3)They are expected to assess the performance of teachers and students by constituting Internal “Quality Assurance Cell”

(4) They have to disclose to the government, fees and other charges realized from the students.

(5) They have liberty to conduct “academic and research collaboration with institutions, industry and professional organisations in India and abroad.”

(6) Autonomy has been introduced to expand freedom of study syllabus and research, but it does not include management of law and order in the hands of vice chancellors and professors which is the exclusive preserve of District Magistrates The professors are authorised to maintain discipline in the class room but not outside.

Exactly when and how the JNU administration acquire the prerogative of a district magistrate and police officer ?

In the prevailing situation the “ Comerade Professors” are collaborators in the crimes of Kanhaiya, Khalid and others, who want to break up the nation into hundred pieces.

Whether it is professor, doctor or any professional they have no special rights under indian constitution to hold inquiry As in the case of doctors who are required to inform police in the incidence of injury or accident, the teachers have to inform police in the case of traitorous conduct of scholars violeting Indian constitution

Under Indian Penal code, no role is granted to university vice -chancellors or professors equal to a district magistrate.

Can a vice chancellor or professor arrest a student and start enquiry ? Of course not .Is a vice chancellor authorised to protect students from legal prosecution ?

Harbouring students and not permitting criminal enquiry by law enforcement authorities is collaboration in crime and conspiracy.

If there are still “Comerade Professors” who are teaching condemned and denounced marxism, then they should resign from the faculty in assuming that the JNU wants to be ranked as a progressive university.

Marxists countries like China and Soviet Union ditched Marxism long back How is it that” “Comerade Professors and brain –paralysed Kanhaiya Khalid and other students, still shout “ Down with Capitalism”

The government of India and so many other countries are inviting capitalists to open factories, install plants, and start workshops so that poor people as well as educated unemployed can get employment, but Mrxists are stealing bread and butter from hungry humans of the world discouraging foreign investment in India

Time has come for these fanatical, regressive robbers of poors to resign and leave JNU so that it can retain a modicum of status among academic circles

JNU would turn itself into the most backward universities of the world if there are marxist professors who teach “Long live Marxism and Death to Capitalism”